Symposium on Cryptocurrency and Societal Harm

The Stanford Internet Observatory is excited to present a Symposium on Cryptocurrency and Societal Harm. The symposium will bring together academic researchers and industry professionals for an interdisciplinary discussion of the societal challenges posed by the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies in recent years. The symposium also aims to increase demand for research on cryptocurrency related topics by social scientists.

The symposium will feature original research and talks by speakers from academia, law enforcement, cryptocurrency-adjacent companies, and think tanks. Our academic speakers also represent an interdisciplinary group from the fields of law, criminology, communications, and political science.

Journal of Online Trust and Safety Special Issue

The Journal of Online Trust and Safety has issued a call for a special issue on cryptocurrency and societal harm. The full call for proposals can be viewed here, although please note that the new deadline for the submission of full articles is June 15, 2022 (following successful submission of a letter of inquiry). Questions about the special issue may be directed to the guest editor, Karen Nershi, Postdoctoral Fellow at the Stanford Internet Observatory (